TvM - Tout Va Mieux

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TvM - Tout Va Mieux

TvM - Tout Va Mieux - Traditional Restaurant - Suresnes

That's how it all began ... 15 years ago Grégo and Stephanie, 2 "Jeun's" searching for their vocation after general VERY studies are in a prestigious school of cuisine "The School of French Cuisine" Street Ferrandi in Paris to learn the craft of cooking with chefs.

Gregory tenaciously ... climbed the steps through the "Vivarois" at Mr. Peyrot, the "Taillevent" at Mr Legendre, the "Square of feuillants" at Mr Dutournier .... while Stephanie, for not overshadow her lover!! preferred to go back to school and learn classroom management.

In 2000, therefore, we take the "Scooter" in Issy les Moulineaux, then in 2005 "Bicloune". Six years have passed he needed a new challenge ... :

It is named "Tout Va Better!"


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13 rue Salomon de Rothschild
92150 Suresnes

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 14:30

Saturday - Sunday